Property Insurance Claims

At Dehghani Law, P.A. we work at professionally negotiating with insurance companies for the best possible outcome. We make sure your insurance claims are properly presented, and we strive to maximize payment and prevent denials.

If you recently, or not so recently, suffered a loss in your home or place of business, due to windstorms, thunderstorms, lightning, roof leaks, toxic mold, fire, theft, vandalism, plumbing problems, or any other catastrophe, you are likely eligible for compensation from your insurance company. Call us now for a no charge, no obligation insurance claims consultation.

  • Whether your property is residential or commercial;
  • Regardless of what your damage was caused by;
  • No matter if you have a new claim or you were insufficiently paid;
  • Even if your insurance company DENIED your claim…
  • We can help.

Let us free you from the emotional and time consuming struggles with the insurance company. We know what to look for, how to speak the insurance language, and how to get results. Best of all you pay us nothing until your claim is completely granted.

What Will Dehghani Law Do For You?

  • Promptly handle all property damage claims in a diligent manner
  • Negotiate on your behalf with your insurance company
  • Evaluate your insurance policy to establish the best possible strategy
  • Settle the claim or litigate for the maximum amount possible
  • Valuing, documenting and substantiating every detail, while keeping you informed of our progress
  • We welcome the opportunity to serve you, beginning with your initial consultation.

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