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We represent and advise clients who are or might become involved in a lawsuit or appeal as a result of a dispute, including prevention and settlement, in all commercial matters. Cases that fall under this practice area include, but are not limited to, breach of contract claims and business torts such as suits for interference with business or contractual relations, suits for breach of fiduciary duty, and fraud claims.

Our clients evaluate our performance based on both the results we achieve and the containment of costs associated with those results. Thus, we seldom will be recommending last-minute settlements on the courthouse steps unless it is favorable to our client. If a matter can be settled, we strive to accomplish that end before permitting undue legal fees. If settlement is not feasible, our adversaries know they face a serious challenge from lawyers who are committed to represent you vigorously at trial.

Civil litigation lawyer serving the city of Miami

Civil lawsuits, based on individual or commercial disputes, are very common. If you are involved in a dispute of this type, you are conscious that it can take a lot of time and irritation and can interfere with your business, your personal life and your sense of constancy. The most excellent thing that can be done to resolve the problem with the least possible agitation is to consult with a law firm experienced in civil litigation. In Miami and the nearby area, Dehghani Law, the place to come.

Our team has a large amount of familiarity in the law and extensive experience in civil litigation. The most significant thing is that our lawyers have a solid track record of winning results. We are well ready to pay attention carefully to the particulars of the dispute and take all essential measures to resolve the problem throughout civil litigation or negotiation.

Reasons for civil litigation

The civil litigation lawyers at Dehghani Law, P.A. are specialist in discussing your side of the dispute, whether you are the applicant or the defendant. We are completely prepared to fight vigorously to correct a mistake, fulfill an agreement or obtain compensation for a personal damage on your behalf. On the other hand, we are equally ready to defend your rights against an unjustified attack on your reputation or your business. Our civil court case attorneys are evenly contented offering legal representation to individuals, and corporations.

At Dehghani Law, P.A, we delight ourselves on giving each customer our personal and indivisible attention. Our civil litigation lawyers are careful and effective; we will for all time take your worry seriously and answer your questions punctually and with patience. You can also count on our attorneys to keep up with any changes in civil litigation law.

In addition to the best services that we will offer you for me, we are informed and calm either by introducing ourselves to managerial agencies, substitute dispute resolution actions (i.e., mediation or arbitration), judicial or judicial trial in state and central courts, or court actions of application.

We act as honest intermediaries in assessing the merits of each case and feel comfortable representing both plaintiffs and defendants. We have extensive experience in all phases of litigation, particularly discovery, which involves the exchange of information that is relevant to the case. This includes third party depositions, interrogations or summons.

Our legal team takes advantage of their knowledge of procedural and substantive laws and their exceptional negotiating skills to resolve these issues in a timely manner. We are very adept at carrying out due diligence, interviewing and preparing witnesses, and using e-discovery and the latest technology in the courts. Above all, we provide exceptional legal writing and oral argument skills that are essential for prevailing in the trial.

Our excellent negotiation skills result in a high success rate and we can often reach a positive agreement without having to go to court. However, when the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation, you can count on our mastery of judicial tactics so that your case reaches a successful conclusion. When necessary, we have the resources to hire experts in fields related to your case (financial, medical, engineering) to testify on your behalf and help persuade the court that your case is just. You can easily contact Dehghani Law, P.A by phone, email or by completing a contact form on our website.

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