Dehghani Law, P.A. is a law firm dedicated to your traffic citation needs. From traffic criminal tickets, such as DUI (Driving Under the Influence) to ordinary traffic infractions, our office is here to provide quality and dependable service every step of the way. Traffic tickets can become an increasingly serious matter that can affect your driving privileges and can potentially lead to your arrest if not dealt with in time. Contact Attorney Alex Dehghani to enforce your rights, secure your peace of mind and fight for the best possible conclusion.

If you have recently received a traffic citation or violation, allow Dehghani Law, P.A. to assist you in resolving your unfortunate citation. We handle traffic tickets for most of South Florida. Call today.

Common Questions and Answers:

If I hire an attorney, do I still need to pay the fine?

No, The attorney will file a not guilty plea and request a court date for you. Then the clerk of the Courts will schedule a hearing date.

Typically the first hearing is set about six weeks after the request is filed with the court, but it may take longer. After the case is heard by the judge, you may be ordered to pay court costs and a fine but this amount is usually less then the payable amount of the ticket.

Most importantly, by going to court you will keep the points off your license and your insurance from going up, in most cases.

But the envelope the officer gave me said I must pay within thirty days. Won’t my license be suspended if I don’t pay with in thirty days?

No, if you request a hearing you will not have to pay unless ordered to by the judge.

I got my ticket more than thirty days ago can you still represent me?

If the ticket is more than 30 days but less than 90 days old and you have not paid it or requested a court date, yes, but the court will charge a late fee. After paying the late fee the clerk will issue a clearance. The clearance must then be delivered to the D.H.S.M.V. in order to prevent your license from being suspended.

If more than 90 day has elapsed since the issued date of the ticket; your license may already be suspended. But I still may be able to help you by submitting a motion requesting a reset of your case. Sometimes this works, occasionally it does not. If your ticket is more than 90 days please call me to see if I can help.

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